1. Readiness Assessment
  1.1. Business Understanding
Determine Business Objectives
Assess the Situation
Determine Project Goals
Develop the Project Plan
  1.2. Data Understanding
Collect Initial Data
Describe the Data
Explore the Data
Verify Data Quality

The Readiness Assessment is the foundation for your project.  It formally defines your business goals and objectives and provides an initial understanding of the data you have on hand.  When the Readiness Assessment is complete we will both have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and the level of effort required to achieve success.  This will all be documented in a formal project plan document for your approval.

This step provides an opportunity for conversation through informal interviews or formal workshops that balance your business objectives against the risks and barriers to success.  As always, your data is at the core of the process and can represent both the biggest asset, and frequently the greatest barrier to success.

The process of setting goals and objectives can be open ended or quite directed.  As we examine the data you have on hand we can suggest targets of opportunity.  If you have a specific objective planned, we will work together to determine if your data is sufficient.

If the project will be more successful through the use of external appended data to make your data richer we can advise you and in many cases directly provide appended data services.  The addition of census data based on address is a common application and may dramatically enhance the quality of your model.

We will work through the details of where the data will be housed.  Your IT staff may be able to establish an appropriate data base or PreMo can build a data mart for you.

Frequently the biggest challenge is the quality and completeness of the data.  The completion and cleaning of data is almost always the most labor intensive step.  At this point our goal is to understand what is required to deliver a successful, accurate model.