When the time comes to consider bringing some or all of the modeling process in-house you may benefit from our expert guidance.

Tools Selection

PreMo is tools agnostic.  Our modelers are experienced with a wide variety of general tools and industry-specific packages.  We can assist you with an informal selection decision or support you in a formal requirements definition / RFP process.

 The selection of tools often carries significance for the cost and accuracy of future projects.  Should you select one of the major general purpose suites such as SAS or SPSS, or one of the many industry-specific applications from niche developers?  If you train or hire in-house modelers, should you focus on one technique or several, and if several, which ones?  How much of the total process should you bring in-house to achieve the best balance of internal control, cost, and capacity?  How can you create a blended operation that achieves these benefits of an in-house capability with the constant infusion on new insights, tools, approaches, and techniques that outside expert can provide?  PreMo can help.

Training & Facilitation

PreMo offers on and off-site training courses customized for beginning, intermediate, and advanced modelers, business intelligence, and data mining professionals covering as required topics ranging from overviews of predictive and descriptive modeling to the specific operation of modeling tools you may wish to use in-house.

 An initial step taken by some companies wishing to expand their capabilities in predictive modeling is to sponsor a one or two day workshop for product managers, marketers, and other operating unit heads who need to be able to visualize how predictive modeling can create strategic and tactical advantage.

 If you are acquiring a specific package, or already have one and wish to train additional users in its detailed operation we have professional associates skilled in almost every major tool and package and can design customized, cost effective training to meet these more detailed needs.

 You may also wish to have a senior predictive modeler as a facilitator or coach for your new in-house team who can be available periodically or for a specific project to provide hands-on coaching, facilitation, instruction, and guidance to your new team.