1. Deployment
Plan the Deployment
Plan Monitoring & Maintenance
Produce Final Report / Model Deliver

Not until the model is deployed will you be able to enjoy the financial benefits of your effort. Your plan for deployment and implementation was part of the original Readiness Assessment and now it’s time to make it happen.

One value that the PreMo team brings to every project is that we are not just technically skilled predictive modelers. Our teams are also comprised of senior members with domain expertise in your industry, and consulting skills in process redesign and information technology.

Some deployments will simply be a matter of scoring the balance of your data and building campaigns around that new insight. We’ll be there to ensure the scoring is applied appropriately to the balance of your data and that its usage is correctly interpreted for your campaign.

But many deployments are more complex, involving embedding the new rules model into transactional and operating systems where users with no experience with modeling or the project will need to apply the results. We can help you explore changes to business rules and processes, methods of integration directly into your existing technology systems, the human factors implications, and even the organizational challenges you may face during implementation.