Predictive Modeling, LLC (PreMo) was founded in 2001 to assist clients in all industries and the public sector to increase revenues, enhance profits, reduce risk, and to provide the best possible customer experiences through the application of techniques in predictive modeling and data analytics.  PreMo operates a structured team of independent consultants and partner firms spanning a wide range of expertise and industry experiences.

Headquartered in the greater Los Angeles area, PreMo serves clients nationwide.

PreMo modeling engagements are structured according to the industry standard methodology CRISP and are overseen for quality, timeliness, accuracy, value, and completeness by our management team operating in conjunction with our domain and technique-specific professional associates.

TEAM Frank D. Francone is the developer of the Discipulus linear genetic programming and optimization software and consults widely in the area of predictive modeling for both engineering and business problems.  He is a leading researcher in the detection of unexploded ordinance using LGP.

Mr. Francone is one of the authors of a leading graduate-level textbook, Genetic Programming: An Introduction, and served as an editor of the Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines.

He holds a J.D. from U.C. Berkeley and is a PhD. candidate at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Dr. Carrie Beam holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of California at Berkeley and an undergraduate degree in engineering with honors from Princeton University. 

She has been working in the data mining field since 2001, primarily for clients in the advertising, financial services, and market research industry.

Bill Vorhies is the founder and President of Predictive Modeling, LLC.  He provides project management and oversight as well as hands-on personalized consulting in regression and classification projects.  He is skilled in a variety of analytic techniques, in particular the Discipulus genetic program, our benchmark tool for these projects.  Mr. Vorhies is a member of the CRISP-DM SIG, an industry-wide group developing an industry standard methodology for data mining.

Mr. Vorhies has over three decades of industry and consulting experience including having been Director of Consulting at J.D. Power, senior consulting roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, and is the founders of EB5C, LLC (Ex-Big Five Consulting) a general management consultancy.

In industry, Mr. Vorhies was General Manager of General Motors Military Sales, Group Product Manager at Chrysler Military Sales, and New Product Development Manager with Standard & Poors.

Mr. Vorhies is a graduate of Princeton University.


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Predictive Modeling, LLC. serves clients in many industries and geographies principally through a cadre of Professional Associates who operate as contractors.  If you are currently an independent contractor well experienced in commercial predictive modeling techniques, data mining, and statistically based data analytics and are interested in working on challenging commercial assignments as part of the PreMo Professional Associates team, please email your resume and contact information.

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